Sunday, 9 April 2006

Long Time No See

me, li and dai on a bus to oxford circus! Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOO much (Li, I know u hate it when i over-thank! but let me!) for letting me stay with u guys, and just for hanging out with me! I had the most amazing time!

me actually cooking two things at the same time! (Schiz, i was!!!!!!)

John's football team, in their very funky green shirts, last match they won 2-0!!!! WOOHOOOOO! West Lane is the most beautiful place ever! I was freezing my ass off watching their matches, but with all the greenery, fresh air, and boyz running around, it was worth it! (NB: Boyz = Johnny)

Johnny and I in one part of Hyde Park

James, John, Me and Danny. Dark I know, at the British Museum which was absolutely stunning!!!

So I haven't blogged for a long time now... and people have been asking me to update this blog! I haven't really got anything new to say except for the fact that I am now back in Japan, suffering from jetlag, and to top it off, missing my boyfriend madly.
I had the most amazing 7 weeks in England, and contrary to what I thought prior to my visit, the time whooshed past me, and it didn't get boring, not once, and it wasn't difficult either.
Now, I gotta get back into shape (physically and mentally), and graduate in July, and then go on to LIFE LIFE from there.
I am terrified, but much more than that, I am extremely excited about what life has in store for me!

Anyhoo, don't want to get into all that kinda stuff in details on a very public blog, so will just post some pics, of friends, and my boyfriend, who a friend fittingly and so perfectly described as being "full of goodness" hehe. If you wanna see more pics, just go to my photo webpage!!!
Love all of you, and hope everything's going well.