Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Last month, John and I went to the Gotemba outlet! It was really good fun, and even though it was my only day off last month (because Im juggling two jobs at the mo), and it also would have been nice to relax, we went there and it was fantastico. Being the shopaholic that I am, I thought I would end up buying more but I ended up buying..................... one green ring. Whereas John ended up getting shoes, pants, jacket and even a watch! Hehe, anyway it was nice cause we got to see Fuji too!

John with all his shopping bags
Me with nada

Gotemba looks like this...Large shopping area with shops better than in department stores!
Next stop.... DISNEYSEA for my birthday!

Friday, 6 April 2007

Still more pics to come, but for now, my new green purchases!

My new green Vaio laptop, and green ipod nano! Yes, my obsession is getting a tad carried away. But hey, its cute, and its functional! Anyway, i love it because it means I can post on my blog once again!

I am still working 7 days a week, (juggling the two jobs), but soon that will come to an end, and I will dedicate my time to D______! I really enjoy working there, with my friends, and the people from the Italian HQ. I even met Renzo Rosso, which was definitely the highlight of this year...... well, that and John coming to Japan of course!
And here, are some pics of sakura near our house that John took

View from house