Sunday, 15 January 2006

Me in a KIMONO

Hello people! I haven't blogged in a while. Hope allll is good!

Today (Jan 15th) I took pictures of me in a Kimono. - It is something that Japanese people do when they turn 20 (during seijin shiki) to kind of commemorate becoming an adult. Strange cause Ive been 20 for 8 months already! haha. But in any case, I went along with the plan because I doubt that I will have the opportunity to wear a kimono again. Also, it was my mum's very beautiful, and very original dark blue based kimono which I absolutely fell in love with when I saw it at my grandma's house. SO I decided to go ahead and take some photos. The photos that were done professionally, I should be getting back in about 2 weeks, and those I will share with my closest peeps! hehe. But here are some that we took with the digital camera!

Sunday, 1 January 2006

Happy New Year!

To all my Lovelies of Dance Arts!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I hope that you have a beautiful beautiful year! I have no idea when I will be able to see you guys again, but I hope that it will be one day soon! I miss you like mad. Thanks for being the greatest friends that one could ask for, and for sticking with through thick and thin for so many years!

To all my Darlings in England! (esp. John, Chris, Kai, James, Susan, Ayako)

I hope that I will get to see you soon in February! HAPPPPPPY NEW YEAR! And hope this year is a better year than the last!

To Yuka, Aya, and Christina!

今年もよろしくね!Thanks for everything! Going through so much with me! Uni will almost be over, but I am so glad we are making the most of what's left and celebrating so much together and getting closer!!! Love you All.

To everyone and anyone that happens to read this blog
Happy New Year. May 2006 be a better year across the globe.