Sunday, 15 January 2006

Me in a KIMONO

Hello people! I haven't blogged in a while. Hope allll is good!

Today (Jan 15th) I took pictures of me in a Kimono. - It is something that Japanese people do when they turn 20 (during seijin shiki) to kind of commemorate becoming an adult. Strange cause Ive been 20 for 8 months already! haha. But in any case, I went along with the plan because I doubt that I will have the opportunity to wear a kimono again. Also, it was my mum's very beautiful, and very original dark blue based kimono which I absolutely fell in love with when I saw it at my grandma's house. SO I decided to go ahead and take some photos. The photos that were done professionally, I should be getting back in about 2 weeks, and those I will share with my closest peeps! hehe. But here are some that we took with the digital camera!


  1. You look absolutely FABULOUS, Anna !!!!! Just GORGEOUS !!!!! *beams* and such a rare sight tooooo !! love the's beautiful! Miss you loooots !! *huggles*

  2. haha u look so cute man! it just struck me that u are really japanese..i mean i know ur japanese but u know i've never thought of u as like japanese japanese..if i'm making any sense?! haha..anyway u look really nice and i've hardly seen you with your hair so nicely done up!! miss u loads A!

  3. nana!! you look so beautiful! i love it. you should wear more kimonos. and you should post more pictures. actually, you should just post more. looking forward to you coming to london! xxx dai