Thursday, 31 August 2006

Summer's almost over... Let's take a look at the shopping I did! YAY!

Not only can you see what I bought during Summer, but also how hopeless I am at taking pictures!

There is a blue cardigan, dress, black pants, and spaghetti strap (pink, white, with purple flower and yellow straps) top which are from Diesel. White dance pants (which were gasp 900 yen!) and Grey and White Stripe top from Zara. White puffy sleeves from this shop at Parco Kichijouji, (GREEN) Sandals from Birkenstock which are SO worn in already, and hahaha, there's a Disney Ring on my dress together with earrings (109), and necklace (disney) that you can't see! 3 CD's, which are Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics, India Arie's Testimony: Life and Relationships, and Nelly Furtado's Loose. Also, there is a Winnie the Pooh small diary, and Khaki Pants from Tommy Hilfiger! Most of which I got in the Summer Sale - one of the reasons why I absolutely love Summer! Along with the hot weather of course which reminds me of Singapore and Phuket.

Milk Tea by 福山雅治

This is a Japanese song I've been listening to on repeat for the last week or so!

どうして 素直に言えないんだろう

本当はね いつでも思ってる

口下手なとこ 背が高いとこ


もうこの心 全部あなたのもの


笑って たまに叱ってくれる

本気でね 励ましてくれる



今夜夢で逢えたら うれしすぎて

同じバス停 雨の坂道






Went to Disneyland last week!

Rode on:

Big Thunder Mountain
Splash Mountain
Space Mountain
Buzz Lightyear's Adventures
Pooh's Honey Hunt (It's great, honest!)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Star Tours

We also got stuck on Big Thunder Mountain (roller coaster ride!) We were going up and up and up, getting ready for final descent. Our train like ride suddenly came to a halt while we were facing upwards. Then everything around us which was moving slowed down ever so slowly and then stopped. Then there was an announcement saying that the ride had stopped due to emergency reasons. So there we were, sitting at a strange angle for 30 odd minutes!

Then after half an hour, our ride finally was about to move. We all thought it would go up and then descend at a slow speed, but no it suddenly moved, and WHOOOOOSH off we went! haha, that was quite funny!

Anyhoo, here are some more pics from the very hot Disneyland!

Mummy and Keita on Big Thunder when it stopped. Yes, it was dark!

Me with Cinderella's Castle

Me and Mar posing with Cinderella's Castle in the background

Me and Mar with our Sensu

Me and Mummy

Sunday, 13 August 2006

プリクラ。。。Purikura (Neo Prints)

So under the influence of Mar, I am riding the Purikura boom... several years too late considering my age but what the heck! They never had none of this crazy stuff in Singapore.

Mar and me with a crown!

Yuka and Me swimming in the sea!
Me and Mar on her BDAY!
Me and Yuka as Cherries!

Yuka, Me, Aya and Chris on me Bday!

Us on the TRAIN!

Me, Risa and Mar flying!

Saturday, 12 August 2006



昨日はまりなと二人でカラオケ。真夏の果実、Tomorrow's Way、チェリー、Whole Again、Bad Day、津波、島唄、長い間、You're Beautifulやたくさん歌った。ママが好きな竹内マリアのマンハッタンキスとけんかをやめても歌っちゃいました。あと。。。もうずっと前から好きだったWandsの「世界中の誰よりきっと」もね。。。楽しかった一日だった。もちろんランチは例のタイ料理屋さん。あんなのお気に入り。

今日はメイコとディナー。新宿にあるIndian料理!おいしかった。もしかしたらあいちゃんのヨガの先生が好きなIndian Restaurant かな?本当においしかった。Authenticでね。Early dinnerにしたけど、結局6時から9時過ぎまでChat Chat Chat! 楽しかったよ、Mei! その後はプリクラなんか撮っちゃった!高校生のりでね!

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Summer 2006 Part 2

Swimming in the sea!

My family (minus my brother who was away with his football group) and I went to IZU this weekend, and had a beautiful time. It's kind of strange because we left our house on uber early Friday morning, and came back late on Saturday night. The two days spent there was HOT, like 36 or so degrees hot, but it was LOVELY. Now, as I write this, there are three typhoons heading to Japan, one is already here and thus it is raining and very windy outside. And the place we went to over the weekend was actually on the news cause the train stations are flooded and what not... so we were really lucky!

Anyway, I spent hours and hours in the sea. My bikini (the blue one) was so old that the elastics were loose but that didn't stop me at all from just swimming and floating away! I can't even begin to describe my happiness at being on the beach, near the sea again. Those of you who know me well recall that I went to Phuket every single year since the age of 2... Since coming to Japan however I haven't been there! and so... you can imagine how happy I felt.

This is the second beach we went to. A rocky beach. Kawana Beach, Izu

Mar and I with the sea and mountain in the background... near Kawana Beach, Izu

Me and Mar, weirdos lying down on Kawana beach
Our way back to the car.
A new experience. Going in a hotspring. Not just a hotspring, but our very own private one! What an amazing sight!

Summer 2006 Part 1

On 3rd August 2006, Mar, Mummy, Rika-chan (my aunt) and I went to Disneysea. It was fantastically hot that day, and it was so much fun! We took quite a handful of pics and you can see most of 'em on my photo website! Anyway, we managed to ride on....

  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth three times
  • Indiana Jones Ride twice
  • Raging Spirit twice
  • Aquatopia once
  • Railway thingy once
  • 20000 leagues under the sea once

That's quite incredible! Anyway, I had an absolute blast, and I'm super glad I got to ride on my fave ride three times!

Me and mummy in the place where we ate our second or third snack of the day! hehe, Yum yum!
Me, with the Indiana Jones temple thingy in the background!

Rika-chan and me with Aquatopia showing in the background! An excellent ride on a hot summer day! This is us getting dry by the way!

Me with Centre of the Earth Volcano in the background! It's an awesome ride which involves a huge drop at the end in which you come out of the volcano! It's fantastic!

Me, Mar and mummy on Mickey Mouse train!

Mar and I with some of the Disneysea river in the background. My hair blown by the wind looks a bit odd! hehe

Me and Mar outside a shop at Disneysea - I love the way the whole themepark is modeled on old European towns!

Monday, 7 August 2006

Pics I promised...

But first!

Risa came to Japan not long ago, and we got to have dinner at mi casa, and go karaoke the next day! It was soooooooooo good seeing u again, and I can't wait till the next time! Love ya loads little sis!

Holy Moly, it's been AGES!

and I apologize for having not blogged in so long...

Since that time in June, I have been running around like a mad woman trying to fit work, school, and playtime all in one! hehe.

But now here I am, with no work, no school and just playtime for one whole week! YAY!

I went to Disneysea on Thursday the 3rd of Aug.
Then went to IZU, and swam swam swam, swam like I'll never swim again in the SEA. I didn't realize how much I'd missed that. Came back from Izu on Sat (my dad could only take a few days off) and am burnt and tanned all in one! Feels so gooood though, and I took loads of pics so I shall be posting them shortly.

But before that, I will go to dance and take dance classes from JOSHUA, who is here with the broadway show Moving Out, and I am EXCITED about that! If all goes well (if I can follow that is....) I will go again next week!