Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Summer 2006 Part 2

Swimming in the sea!

My family (minus my brother who was away with his football group) and I went to IZU this weekend, and had a beautiful time. It's kind of strange because we left our house on uber early Friday morning, and came back late on Saturday night. The two days spent there was HOT, like 36 or so degrees hot, but it was LOVELY. Now, as I write this, there are three typhoons heading to Japan, one is already here and thus it is raining and very windy outside. And the place we went to over the weekend was actually on the news cause the train stations are flooded and what not... so we were really lucky!

Anyway, I spent hours and hours in the sea. My bikini (the blue one) was so old that the elastics were loose but that didn't stop me at all from just swimming and floating away! I can't even begin to describe my happiness at being on the beach, near the sea again. Those of you who know me well recall that I went to Phuket every single year since the age of 2... Since coming to Japan however I haven't been there! and so... you can imagine how happy I felt.

This is the second beach we went to. A rocky beach. Kawana Beach, Izu

Mar and I with the sea and mountain in the background... near Kawana Beach, Izu

Me and Mar, weirdos lying down on Kawana beach
Our way back to the car.
A new experience. Going in a hotspring. Not just a hotspring, but our very own private one! What an amazing sight!

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  1. 日本の夏の海・・・、いいなあ・・・。