Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Summer 2006 Part 1

On 3rd August 2006, Mar, Mummy, Rika-chan (my aunt) and I went to Disneysea. It was fantastically hot that day, and it was so much fun! We took quite a handful of pics and you can see most of 'em on my photo website! Anyway, we managed to ride on....

  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth three times
  • Indiana Jones Ride twice
  • Raging Spirit twice
  • Aquatopia once
  • Railway thingy once
  • 20000 leagues under the sea once

That's quite incredible! Anyway, I had an absolute blast, and I'm super glad I got to ride on my fave ride three times!

Me and mummy in the place where we ate our second or third snack of the day! hehe, Yum yum!
Me, with the Indiana Jones temple thingy in the background!

Rika-chan and me with Aquatopia showing in the background! An excellent ride on a hot summer day! This is us getting dry by the way!

Me with Centre of the Earth Volcano in the background! It's an awesome ride which involves a huge drop at the end in which you come out of the volcano! It's fantastic!

Me, Mar and mummy on Mickey Mouse train!

Mar and I with some of the Disneysea river in the background. My hair blown by the wind looks a bit odd! hehe

Me and Mar outside a shop at Disneysea - I love the way the whole themepark is modeled on old European towns!

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