Thursday, 29 December 2005

Tagged: Nicc, this is for YOU!

Hola Everyone... Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, but have been super busy! With the end of school, applying to Unis (sorta), writing cards, hanging with dear friends!, work work! But now, I should be doing school work, but decided to answer to Nicc's Tagggg instead. Didn't know what it meant to be tagged, but seems like I have got to tell u a few weird/random things about meself? I am not sure if all the random things about myself have to be weird.... but I will try to think of something creative to say.... actually, i probably wont come up with much, cause as i type this, i can't think of a single thing! This is stressful Nicc. I wanted to de-stress. haha.

1. i wont copy 'japanese fashion' (e.g. dress over jeans) but i will if anyone other than japanese people are also doing it. - that makes me sound like i am a horrible anti-japanese person, but i'm not. i like being japanese and am proud of it!

2. i could eat hainanese chicken rice everyday for the rest of my life - i dunno if that's weird! i could eat it everyday, every meal... as long as it's the steamed one (not roasted), and it's from lucky plaza or far east

wait, how many things am i supposed to come up with?

3. i can cry watching Lost.

4. i dun really like make up... and i think on average (without shows) i will wear it only 10 days in one year.

5. it has taken me like 20 mins to come up with 5 random things about myself. that's weird.

Sunday, 4 December 2005

Only One by Marc Harshman. Illustrated by Barbara Garrison

So I began teaching English to children about a month ago, early November... And I am really enjoying it actually. It is draining at times, especially having to tackle uni at the same time, but I am loving it! Anyway, I thought I would share with you, my favourite children's book at this moment! I think it is super deep deep. It is called Only One by Marc Harshman. Unfortunately, I can't show you the illustration by Barbara Garrison but they are great (and they make the stories less sad!)

There may be a million stars,
but there is only one sky.

There may be 50,000 bees,
but there is only one hive.

There may be 500 seeds,
but there is only one pumpkin.

There may be 100 patches,
but there is only one quilt.

There may be 12 eggs,
but there is only one dozen.

There may be 11 cows,
but there is only one herd.

There may be 10 cents,
but there is only one dime.

There may be 9 players,
but there is only one team.

There may be 8 horses,
but there is only one merry-go-round.

There may be 7 peas,
but there is only one pod.

There may be 6 jewels,
but there is only one necklace.

There may be 5 babies,
but there is only one nest.

There may be 4 wheels,
but there is only one wagon.

There may be 3 musicians,
but there is only one trio.

There may be 2 ropes,
but there is only one swing.

But the best thing of all,
is that there is only one me
and there is only one you!

More Pictures from our night out with Chris!!!