Thursday, 29 December 2005

Tagged: Nicc, this is for YOU!

Hola Everyone... Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, but have been super busy! With the end of school, applying to Unis (sorta), writing cards, hanging with dear friends!, work work! But now, I should be doing school work, but decided to answer to Nicc's Tagggg instead. Didn't know what it meant to be tagged, but seems like I have got to tell u a few weird/random things about meself? I am not sure if all the random things about myself have to be weird.... but I will try to think of something creative to say.... actually, i probably wont come up with much, cause as i type this, i can't think of a single thing! This is stressful Nicc. I wanted to de-stress. haha.

1. i wont copy 'japanese fashion' (e.g. dress over jeans) but i will if anyone other than japanese people are also doing it. - that makes me sound like i am a horrible anti-japanese person, but i'm not. i like being japanese and am proud of it!

2. i could eat hainanese chicken rice everyday for the rest of my life - i dunno if that's weird! i could eat it everyday, every meal... as long as it's the steamed one (not roasted), and it's from lucky plaza or far east

wait, how many things am i supposed to come up with?

3. i can cry watching Lost.

4. i dun really like make up... and i think on average (without shows) i will wear it only 10 days in one year.

5. it has taken me like 20 mins to come up with 5 random things about myself. that's weird.

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