Monday, 18 September 2006


I just realised that I had typed something up for my blog 2 weeks ago or something before graduation, and never actually ended up posting it... But I'm going to post it now, because I'm in a much better place now.... So here goes...

I'm going to graduate next week.

Holy shit.

I had decided to try for different jobs and stuff... but every time I sit down to write my resume (in Japanese no less!), I realise I'm not ready to give up dancing yet.

I'm going to keep teaching for the next 6 months. Audition for shows if I can. Let's see how far I can go.

There's something scary about sharing your dreams with people.

Since I was little, I've shared my dreams with everyone. Even with strangers that would over time become friends.

It's scary because everyone knows when you fail.

More than two weeks have passed since I last wrote my blog entry. And a lot has happened. All has been good. I remember I was pretty low when I wrote that entry though...
First off, I graduated. I am sure it would have been a lot more fun if I graduated at the same time as my friends here, but I am so grateful that Y___ and S____ and mummy, daddy and grandmama came to see me! Since most people in the Japanese system don't graduate in September ours was a TINY ceremony but still.... definitely memorable.

Then, I auditioned for another dance company, and got turned down immediately (documentation screening). I still think it's silly that they can turn you down without even watching you dance... But anyway. It turned out for the better.
Then, I actually did end up writing a resume (in Japanese) and sending it off to D_ _ _ _ _ and today, I got the job. I'll be working part till Feb, then will have a full time job. So I'm sorted for the time being! Which is a HUGE relief for me, and my parents! The interview was all in Japanese but somehow I pulled through so I'm just terrible grateful that they are taking a chance with me!

Anyway, besides that I am just real excited about moving out and moving in. Of course, the first flat I find will definitely be located near my family's house so I can eat my mummy's meals and be with them! In another news, Schiz will be coming to Japan next year so I am absolutely delighted about that! Other than that, I have been spending so much time with my friends that it's just been an almost perfect 2 weeks (I've been sick).

As corny as it may sound, I just wanna say thanks to all my friends who have stood by me, and who have also made my Japan experience actually a lot of fun. I love you ladies, you know who you are. ;-)