Wednesday, 26 October 2005

When it all began

Blogging. When it all began, it was so easy to blog everyday... And although u were exposing yourself to the whole global community who has access to the internet, u don't feel like u are being too expressive or too open about your life. But something in me has changed and I don't feel like blogging every single detail of my life anymore! So i haven't blogged in the past 2 weeks or so since Schiz left. I have been recuperating as well. (Still missing you like crazy though) In my (hopefully) final year of Uni, I am excited but scared. I think more excited though. Finally, I think i am going to try to live up to the dreams that I have held on to. I think it's one of those dreams that are SO extreme, that are close to impossible to happening, that u don't have to feel humiliated if you don't get it. So i am going to put every inch of my soul into it, and try to make these crazy dreams of mine come true. In the process of doing that, I hope to make true another dream of mine that involves some'thing' that began 6 years ago. The passion is still burning, and it doesn't look like it's going to extinguish anytime soon. Anyway, thought I would let my buddies in Sing know what I am up to. Miss you all very much, and hope all is well. Though I hope to see you all soon, know that I am well and healthy (sorta, bit sick right now!), and very very happy, despite being far away from most of the people i love!

Saturday, 8 October 2005

"Don't Need The Sun To Shine" - Perfect 10 Days

Disneyland, Disneysea

Tocho, Kugayama, Roppongi

don't need the sun to shine to make me smile
don't give if it's dark outside
cause i got you

and though the rain my fall
no i won't care at all
cause baby, i know that i got you

don't need a rocket man
to help me touch the sky
i don't need to fly a plane
to get this high
don't need to hitch a ride
when i could run a million miles
yes i would, just to see you smile!

Odaiba, Water Bus, Asakusa, Imperial Palace