Saturday, 8 October 2005

"Don't Need The Sun To Shine" - Perfect 10 Days

Disneyland, Disneysea

Tocho, Kugayama, Roppongi

don't need the sun to shine to make me smile
don't give if it's dark outside
cause i got you

and though the rain my fall
no i won't care at all
cause baby, i know that i got you

don't need a rocket man
to help me touch the sky
i don't need to fly a plane
to get this high
don't need to hitch a ride
when i could run a million miles
yes i would, just to see you smile!

Odaiba, Water Bus, Asakusa, Imperial Palace


  1. aww you guys look real cute together. i noticed that John smiles more towards the camera now haha.

  2. You guys look so happy and it looks like you had a great time sightseeing ! Now you've lots more pics of the two of you together to look at...

  3. FINALMENTE I can leave comments on your blog! It's so great to see pictures of your John in Japan coz he fits so well in it!! Did you notice that he has a mentos grin?!? hahaha It's a compliment btw :)

  4. anna! i'm so happy for you! hehehe. the two of u look so cute together! yeah! hehhee

  5. Hey Risa, Nic, Koko, and Spam
    Thanks for all of ur comments! hehehe. my blog is usually quite dead but with ur help, it has been sparked to life! hehehe. I will post more when i have more to say, but am afraid for the time being, i got nothing! hahaha. Anyway take care of urselves! and see ya when i see u! but till then, we got MSN and blogs!