Saturday, 10 March 2007

Yakiniku for Chris Bday!

The gang at Yakiniku! Tanoshikatta ne!
Me, Yuka, Chris posing with our food... I didnt like mine!
Aya and Sachi (??????) haha

My Previous Roomie, who I miss VERY much... CHRIS! xxx

Chris and I at.................. Do you have any idea where this is Chris?! hehe Is this the pasta shop?! Because I didnt realise they had all the cutlery on the table.... haha
Chris admiring her Kaki Curry Pasta --> YUMMY!
Me and Chris along Kandagawa, right below house!
Me and Chris in Saitama!

Me and Chris on the train!
I miss Chris especially when eating fantastic food. Which we often did together. Hehe.

Friday, 2 March 2007

John Lennon Museum

Before my roomie Chris left to Hong Kong last year in December, we had the chance to visit the John Lennon Museum together, and it was incredible...

Don't get me wrong, I love some of the songs written by The Beatles, and by Mr. Lennon himself, but there was so much about the man I didn't know, and I had a great time at the museum. It is definitely a good thing that he got with Yoko Ono, because otherwise we probably wouldn't have this museum in Japan...

Also, after visiting the museum I realize that they really did seem to love each other... So will stop being cynical now.

Anyway, the way the museum was set up was also very impressive, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.... Also, after visiting the museum, Chris and I enjoyed the romantic Christmas lights in Saitama! haha.

P.S Dear Chris, I definitely miss having you as a roomie! You never leave the toilet seat up, and you kept our house super clean! Also, you made fantastic ma po tofu, and tuna don! hehe. Other than that, you were a fantastic Desperate Housewives convert, and I miss talking to you!
I hope that all is well! You're always welcome to become my roomie again!

A new post from Anna's new GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEN Vaio!

Me and Yuka at the entrance of our section!
After the show.... totally happy, completely drenched, and incredibly high!

Hello hello dear family and friends! It has been too long since my last entry... and WAY too long since my last PROPER entry..... A lot has happened! Mainly, from today I will be able to start writing in my blog (with pics and all) since I bought meself (finally) a new laptop yesterday! As much as I love my new Green Vaio, I reallllly truly miss my old laptop which stayed faithful for the last 5 years....

But anyway, put that aside, I'm glad that I can finally update my blog... hopefully, you all still come to read it.... Ill find out soon enough!

Anyway, lets start with the BIG IMPORTANT DAY, when I got to watch Mariah Carey live in Japan. Now, all those of you who know me well enough, know that I am a hardcore, unreasonable Mariah Carey fan... I went with Yuka (THANKS YUKA!), and I had a blast!

Me with Yukas hat, after the show!
Me and Yuka!

Me and Yuka at a train station!
Yuka with her funky hat at a mall in Saitama (only an hour to go till Mariah!)

Me at the same mall!
Me and Yuka taking a slightly illegal photo inside the stadium...
We were one of the first people inside!

Sorry the pictures are in semi backwards order... But anyway.... thinking back to that day makes me feel SO happy! I loved every moment of it.... And I am now an even greater fan of Mariah Carey. I cant wait till her next concert in Japan, because next time, I will be getting even closer tickets. She sang her heart out, and she sounded and looked AMAZING! I will not forget it! (I cried..... hahahaha) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pics! Be back real soon with more updates!