Saturday, 10 March 2007

Yakiniku for Chris Bday!

The gang at Yakiniku! Tanoshikatta ne!
Me, Yuka, Chris posing with our food... I didnt like mine!
Aya and Sachi (??????) haha


  1. anna anna anna anna anna!!!!! where have you beeeeeeeeeeeeeeen?? i haven't heard from you in ages and i miss u...ur looking mighty fineeeee though!! :)
    - darrelle

  2. Good to see you having loads of fun! ^_^ haven't talked to you in ages :( Hope to catch you soon!! May be going to tokyo this summer for a family hol and hope we do...looking for cheap-convenient hotels near mrts at the mo...any recommendations? Would be absolutely exciting-fantastic-omg-i-can't-wait seeing you again :D Really really really hope we're going to tokyo this summmmmer!
    missing you loads and loads ^_^

  3. hello hello, how are you doing? hope everything is going well for you. have been busy but it's almost spring break!! i can't wait. what have you been up to? update me k? take care sis

  4. I'm going to tokyo in june !!! ^_^ late june i think and we'll be there for a little more than a week :D hope to see you then if you've some time to spare! Super duper excited now can't wait to see tokyo and all its sites and YOU ! :P