Friday, 2 March 2007

John Lennon Museum

Before my roomie Chris left to Hong Kong last year in December, we had the chance to visit the John Lennon Museum together, and it was incredible...

Don't get me wrong, I love some of the songs written by The Beatles, and by Mr. Lennon himself, but there was so much about the man I didn't know, and I had a great time at the museum. It is definitely a good thing that he got with Yoko Ono, because otherwise we probably wouldn't have this museum in Japan...

Also, after visiting the museum I realize that they really did seem to love each other... So will stop being cynical now.

Anyway, the way the museum was set up was also very impressive, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.... Also, after visiting the museum, Chris and I enjoyed the romantic Christmas lights in Saitama! haha.

P.S Dear Chris, I definitely miss having you as a roomie! You never leave the toilet seat up, and you kept our house super clean! Also, you made fantastic ma po tofu, and tuna don! hehe. Other than that, you were a fantastic Desperate Housewives convert, and I miss talking to you!
I hope that all is well! You're always welcome to become my roomie again!


  1. it's risa btw =) i don't have a google/blogger or other account so from now on i'll sign off as anonymous. you will be getting a lot of comments from the anonymous! haha

  2. hey na, it's great that you are starting to update your blog again. i missed reading your entries! yea it had been a while but i'm glad you are going to be able to update more and put more pics up!! i'm glad that you are loving your new vaio laptop. take a picture of it some time cause i wanna see what it looks like! did you know what was wrong with your old laptop? i guess being able to use it for 5 years is good for a laptop. you have to update me!! on what has been happening ok?! take care and send my regards to your family

  3. YAY !!! Finally updates!!! Was wondering when you'd update cause I'm missing you loads and am wondering how you're doing in tokyo ^_^ Glad to know you're enjoying yourself!!! What have you been up to and hope your family's doing all good :D