Saturday, 25 August 2007

And finally, mexican date! yummy!

John, ready to eat!
Anna, ready to eat!
John.... very very full. After eating tacos, burritos, tacos salad, enchilladas and tortillas and nachos what do you expect ne?

Johnny on the train!

Yes yes... we all go a little crazy after a hard long day at work dont we?

More randoms!

Me and Aya! a tad blurry but lovely seeing you!
me and mar at maccers
Hilarious photo! all of em strangers!
Us taking a photo after taking the photo above!

Random Pics!

Me and Ruriko at Diesel DAIKANYAMA!
Me and mummy in Asakusa!
John in the middle of the road!
Me near Chiba Stadium, pre-Summer Sonic!
Me in our hotel room pre-Summer Sonic!

Friday, 24 August 2007

More Summer Sonic! I was SO happy I got to watch Black Eyed Peas!

Summer Sonic 2007!

It was football season!

Watched Man U against Urawa Reds, and then also Barcelona against Yokohama Marinos! Twas fabulous!

Still more pics with Nic!

More pics with Niccccc!

I had more photos that I wanted to post of Nic and I, and I have been waiting for ages!!!!

I hope you like them!
I miss u Niccccc!
Nic and I wanted to take a photo of the sleeping dude! hehe

Christina Aguilera concert!

Hakone with John, Mummy and Daddy... ages ago!

Old pics that I found on my laptop.... its finally working but im not holding my breath. Will break down before I know it! But anyway, thought Id post some pics starting with hakone in February or March!