Thursday, 2 August 2007

Update.... at last.

Hello hello! I am so terribly sorry to those who have emailed me or wrote to me regarding the absence of updates! I have been so incredibly busy with anything and everything, and I know its such a bad old excuse, but believe me, its true! Also, my laptop that I bought in feb, well, its bloody down again, so I have been unable to update really.... using Johns comp now though, which actually works fine, but anyway.... im going on.

appreciate it, though it makes me miss u ladies more! Nic, I must tell you, all those times we did have coffee with ur parents, I thought they were great! So dont worry so muchBig news is that niccole came to Tokyo, and I had an absolute blast with her! We got to see each other a lot more than we had expected so that was fantastic! Thanks to you Nic for taking time off to see me, and also to everyone who gave her so much goodies to pass on to me! Reallly about everything next time! hehe. I loved hanging out with them! And John thinks ur dad and mum look uber cool. haha.
These are pics of us in Inokashira Park, about 15 mins by bicycle from our house. The second is of Nic and I at the Station! Nice angle John! And the third pic is of us in Harajuku!

What else has happened since my last update? Loads really. But right now, im a bit panicky cause i think i might have lost a lot of pics cause of my shitty laptop! That has been stressing me out for a while now!

John and I went to Yokohama Chinatown recently, which was very nice! Good weather, excellent food at Yukis grandmas place!

Anyway, enjoy the pics. Johns comp is about to die so I wanna upload this before it does! take care homies! hehe. I miss u and love u all!


  1. it's risa btw

  2. yay i'm really glad you updated your blog. missed reading your entries. i hope even though you are busy, you are still making time to have fun too! hope your family is doing well. coming to japan in august, hope i can meet with you then! take care

  3. you updated finally ! ^_^ omglookfatx2billion in those pictures especially next to you >_<" but yay! so glad to have spent time with you and that you didn't mind my parents :) thinking of going to japan again next year before i start work and just the thought has me all excited!

    am missing you loads and loads!