Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Last month, John and I went to the Gotemba outlet! It was really good fun, and even though it was my only day off last month (because Im juggling two jobs at the mo), and it also would have been nice to relax, we went there and it was fantastico. Being the shopaholic that I am, I thought I would end up buying more but I ended up buying..................... one green ring. Whereas John ended up getting shoes, pants, jacket and even a watch! Hehe, anyway it was nice cause we got to see Fuji too!

John with all his shopping bags
Me with nada

Gotemba looks like this...Large shopping area with shops better than in department stores!
Next stop.... DISNEYSEA for my birthday!


  1. yay you updated with more photos! i'm glad that both of you are having fun and it's funny how john ended up buying more stuff than you. anyways hope everything is going well for you. take care!

  2. hey anna!!
    seems like youve had a looooot of fun! hehe
    ive been there but it is hella HUGE ne!
    btw, the 2007 LIT350 is beginning tmrw.
    im soooo positive that i'll miss you there...
    itz so sad after everyone has graduated.
    but im sure that there will be some awesome new ppl (i
    newayz, seems like ure reaaaally busy at the mo,
    u better mail me or something once everything has settled ok!?
    i really do miss your smile!!

  3. hey Anna, it's really nice to see photos of you and John! I'm just taking a wild guess here, but might green be your favourite colour these days??

    Hope all is well, miss you lots

  4. Hey Anna !
    How was your birthday? Hope you had a great one! ^_^
    Was just wondering if you happen to know if this inn is located in a convenient location?

    It's at 2-20-15 Kabuki cho, Shinjyuku-ku,Tokyo 160-0021 and it says that it's near the Oedo subway line East Shinjuku station exsit A1,the Marunouchi subway line Shinjuku San-chome station exit B5 and the JR Shinyuku station East exit

    Any idea? Sorry to bother you with this >_<" but i don't quite know if this is as convenient as these two other hotels, shinjuku new city and sunlite shinjuku.

    Am missing you lots and hope to see you in june ^_^

  5. NANA! Sorry, for the late birthday wish... I actually have mail for you, but i don't want to send it, until i've got a pressie for you! (hopefully, i'll find the time to get you something from river island) Anyway, good that you're finally blogging! More to read on my lonely days... Love you... xx D

  6. Na, please update your blog when you can. i miss reading your updates on what's going with your life. take care