Friday, 14 May 2010

Going to Guam in two days! Am kind of excited but it is with the company so I am worried that I will have to do all that pourin and serving for older and more experienced colleagues ;) it's not a bad thing or anything but just not a culture I am used to - I can do polite but maybe not servient!
by the way that's a picture of my sushi on the Shinkansen! Had a business trip to Osaka two days ago and ate it on the way back :)))) tWas delicious - one thing I definitely love about Japan!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

almuerzo con mi familia en el restaurante fantastico, la befana!

Today was my first day off in 6 days - the sun was shining and it was beautiful. I did the laundry in the morning, replanted my plants, cleaned the house, and then made my way to Kichijouji, La Befana to meet my family for lunch! It was LOADS of fun. I love the restaurant, the food and the wine was delicious.

Marz and I before all the eating :)

My sister in my sunnies! Looking GORGEOUS. Marz, I LOVE your bangs!

Cream Cheese Cake Pudding. DELICIOUS!

Daddy's Dessert, Panacota.

My Dad and brother scoffing down their dessert - it looked delicious!

After lunch, my sister and I did a little bit of shopping and then we walked back home..... and saw a SNAKE! two snakes in fact!