Friday, 14 May 2010

Going to Guam in two days! Am kind of excited but it is with the company so I am worried that I will have to do all that pourin and serving for older and more experienced colleagues ;) it's not a bad thing or anything but just not a culture I am used to - I can do polite but maybe not servient!
by the way that's a picture of my sushi on the Shinkansen! Had a business trip to Osaka two days ago and ate it on the way back :)))) tWas delicious - one thing I definitely love about Japan!


  1. that looks so good anna!
    and i hope you have a good time in shouldn't worry that much cause you are good with people..hehe..i miss you!

  2. Thanks Marz for being such a dedicated reader and sister :)))))) your comment made me smile!
    I have one question - when u updating your blog???
    Love you so much!