Thursday, 31 August 2006


Went to Disneyland last week!

Rode on:

Big Thunder Mountain
Splash Mountain
Space Mountain
Buzz Lightyear's Adventures
Pooh's Honey Hunt (It's great, honest!)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Star Tours

We also got stuck on Big Thunder Mountain (roller coaster ride!) We were going up and up and up, getting ready for final descent. Our train like ride suddenly came to a halt while we were facing upwards. Then everything around us which was moving slowed down ever so slowly and then stopped. Then there was an announcement saying that the ride had stopped due to emergency reasons. So there we were, sitting at a strange angle for 30 odd minutes!

Then after half an hour, our ride finally was about to move. We all thought it would go up and then descend at a slow speed, but no it suddenly moved, and WHOOOOOSH off we went! haha, that was quite funny!

Anyhoo, here are some more pics from the very hot Disneyland!

Mummy and Keita on Big Thunder when it stopped. Yes, it was dark!

Me with Cinderella's Castle

Me and Mar posing with Cinderella's Castle in the background

Me and Mar with our Sensu

Me and Mummy

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