Wednesday, 14 September 2005

The Perfect Grand Slam Part 2

Okay, so I am back... and bewildered by today's unfolding events.
I was blogging and beginning to tell you just how I was starting to realise the void that has been created by the absence of my close friends who left for the States and for England recently... And then moments after, seriously, right after writing that sentence, Ayako was standing on my doorstep, and my mum was laughing behind the kitchen door. I was INCREDIBLY surprised. Surprised at the fact that yes AYAKO was standing there, but I think more by the fact that my mum is SO good at keeping a secret from me! (probably not, Ayako did good!) I think today did show how far wishful thinking really takes you! Because I really wanted her to be back! and ta daaaaaaaa... I am awfully lucky, because I know that this month is going to be the best month this year, esp. with Schiz coming soon, and also with the perfect grand slam that just passed.

Two of my FAVOURITE players took home the US OPEN trophy this year, and it was worth waking up early morning to catch them. CLIJSTERS - my favourite player for years now take home her 1st grand slam! She inspires me TO DREAM. TO DO YOUR BEST. and TO KEEP ON FIGHTING NO MATTER THE ODDS. Seriously!

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And then there is Federer who I also love. He is truly unbeatable. And although I know some ppl were seriously cheering for Agassi (particular Gill right D?! hehe) I was incredibly happy with Fed taking home the trophy once again! You gotta agree with me. He deserves it, fair and square.

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This summer thus far has been perfect for me. I saw my closest friends in Sing, I hung out loads with my family (right: hanging out with my sis at Disneysea), a friend I said goodbye to came back (even if only for a day!), and T.L.O.M.L is coming. Today I caught up with Ayako, and I did good in Dance (YES). Tomorrow, I am meeting up with more friends to chat, to catch up, and also going for lunch with my grandparents. I don't know what the few days after that will bring, but I know that it's going to be good because September 2005 is going to be just like my perfect Grand Slam not like September of 4 years ago. We all have our times of ups and our moments of very low downs. I hope that all of you are well and having plenty of ups.

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