Monday, 26 June 2006


Helllo! Sorry long time no post! Been super busy with schoolio, work, and flea marketing and catching up with 'old' friends! (SACHI!)

Anyway, hope all is well, and everyone has caught the World Cup fever like I have! hehe. I try to watch as many matches as possible BUT i have to wake up early so it's been tough tough tough. And in any case, Japan has seen themselves out very early! as have all our Asian couterparts! boooo! Oh well, I am still cheering for a whole wad of other countries! haha including England, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Ghana! haha. So many teams (and hotties) to choose from, what to do! hehe. Anyway, just enjoying the high class football (well, save the England games which have so far been fairly uneventful, "no flair and imagination" - says Time Magazine!)

Anyhooooo, other than the World Cup, I have been going to school and work the usual usual, and that has been going great, but also I have met up with Sachi who had left us for a year! and also, we did a FLEA MARKET and sold our old stuff so we have space in our cupboards to buy a bunch of new stuff come this summer sale! hahaha!

So here are some pics!
Last Wednesday outside Ciao Chiang Mai, my faithful Thai restaurant in Kichijouji. (From left: Yuko, Miho, Me, Yuka, Sachi and Chris)

Yuka and I at our flea market spot at Yoyogi! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot - and we were worried that it was gonna rain! hah! From 9am - 4pm, selling our stuff was like a full time job! (Sat. 24th June 2006)

Me, Chris, Aya and Yuka under the bridge with all our stuff, overflowing our designated 2m by 2m sales spot! haha and the bicycle which belonged to some unknown person! (honto ni, omake de dareka ni agereba yokatta ne! hehe!)
Chris, Me, Aya and Sachi (?! - doko miteruno?! haha) It's so goooooood seeing u again Sachi!

The flea market began at 9am and we all ended up packing at around 4pm. It was so nice of Aya, Sachi, Mitsuho, Leslie-Ann, Lena, Jen to come stop by and it was a blast chatting with you all in the heat!

The best part about the day? When we used our earned coins to buy ice cream from Baskin and Robbins. I had a Small Triple Icecream with Waffle Cone with Rocky Road (YUM!), Nuts to yoU! (hehe), and Kick Off Crunch (what can i say? a world cup special!) and it was absolutely delish and to-die-for!


  1. hey glad to hear that you guys had fun. yea flea market, that sounds like fun to sell stuff and get some okane in return. anyways glad to hear that you are doing well even though you are busy and all. hope everything is going well for you and your family! take care

  2. I have added you to my blog babe.Miss you so much.Might be going to Tokyo.Not confirmed though.Muacks!

  3. darling!! how did u find my blog! but thanks for your comment cos i found yours! :o) The flea market looks fun...there were quite a few flea market organised in orchard...i was so tempted to go sell stuff..but ha..the lazy me. didnt get around doing it though..

    Am glad u had fun. School's always. poor thing, wait for the holidays to come faster!

    take care dear