Friday, 3 September 2010

What do you wear to a wedding party?

Recently I've been receiving invites to wedding parties, and I am absolutely thrilled but what do you wear to a wedding party?

It's not a wedding ceremony.... do standard rules like no white, no minis apply?

Since finding a dress which isn't too cutesy is very difficult in Japan I've been searching online at great sites like which offer designers like Nicole Miller and Badgley Mischka at discounted prices and I've come across quite a few that I like but is it appropriate?

This green dress is from Nicole Miller. First of all, I adore the colour. It is the perfect shade (apple? green) of the perfect colour (green). I'd love to pair it with a clashing pair of dark wine pumps for a slightly funky wedding party at night, and nude peep toes for a wedding party by day. It's affordable and they have my size. What do you think?

This sequinned T-shirt dress by Badgley Mischka is gorgeous! The sequins are so perfect for night, but the T-Shirt cut makes it just casual enough to make it wearable during the day. Even if it may not be appropriate for a wedding I'd love to purchase it.... But doesn't buying anything with sequins on it online terrify you because you have no idea quite how shiny and sparkly it will be.

I'd love to get my hands on these dresses, but I don't know....Is it alright for a wedding party? With the right accessories, is it okay?


  1. love both the dresses ! the green one looks absolutely gorgeous ! <3 how are you A?!

  2. Thanks Nic!!! I plan on getting the green one! I am very busy but going to Guam tomorrow ^ so excited! how bout u?