Saturday, 6 May 2006

MY 21st BIRTHDAY! - 2 weeks late!

HEYLO! Sorry I haven't blogged in SO long - especially for not posting these birthday pics sooner! hehe. As most of you know, I have been sick since the 18th of April (2 days before my birthday, and was most sick on the 20th! BOOOOOHOOOOOO!) But now that I'm slowly feeling better, I am going to BLOG BLOG BLOG!
Hehe, sorry I suddenly found it funny again when D said to me, "You're sick again?!" haha - okay, lost my train of thought!

Anyhoooo, thanks so much to everybody who made my 21st so memorable! It was exactly as I wanted it except of course that on the 20th I actually couldn't taste my choco cake, and I choked on it as well!

On the 18th, Chris, Yuka, Aya and I went to a burger place in Shibuya, and it was DELISH! Thanks girls for taking me there, and for celebrating with me! Then we proceeded to take LOADS of purikura! hahahahaha, that was a laugh, especially since we got one more for free after I picked out the lucky colour in a "lucky draw" of some sort!

Also, thanks girls for having lunch with me on the 20th! and EVERYBODY for all the phone calls and the emails, and the MSN wishes! I hope next time we can ALLLL celebrate together! esp. my girlies in Sing, and in London! I missss you sooooooooooooooooo much!

Anyway, enough talk talk talk, time for some pics!

(I just noticed the little tummmy sticking out in my yellow shirt! hehe, sorry about that!)

hehe, Yuka eating a HUGE burger!

Very un-glam I know! hehe SORRRRY!

OOH! Pressies, and Yuka's eye peering through the plastic bag hole! BOO! hehe

hmmm! What's in this box?! (DELICIOUS cookies, and biscuits of all sorts from Spain, Italy, USA, England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland - YUMMMMM!)

Me and Chris, and pressies! I am holding earrings from YUKA! (Thanks Chris for the photos by the way! your new camera is wicked!)

Yuka, Me and Aya holding our Puri Kura, AND our ticket to one more free one! hehe, I was lucky that day wasn't I? Excuse the unflattering neo lights, (and noise which you can't hear) of the game centres in Japan! This is a UBER cool organiser thingy from MOMA that Aya, Chris and Yuka got me! The coloured thingies are like thick rubber bands, and basically you use it to trap various things! I have a polaroid shot of John and I that we took maybe 3 or 4 years ago, a postcard of Singapore that I got from Nic (THANKS!!!), 8 of diamond card (don't ask!), colgate! (don't ask either! haha), stapler, a wire for my Creative speakers, stickers, and my hair clips! Anyway, it is the COOLEST thing! Thanks SO much ladies!!!!


There's that cool organiser thingy that I've already mentioned (which now also features an uber cool "on the day you were born..." card from a special someone!), RENT CD (which is AWESOME), my Green leather bag!, my uber cool headphones! hehe, some LOVELY Elizabeth Arden products (I absolutely adore the Green Tea scent!), there's a ring underneath the perfume which is beautiful (I am wearing it right now!), there's the cookies on the right from many places, there's incense at the bottom which I am using right now actually (my room smells of lovely lime! - it's also very green!), and then there's the earrings that I adore! THANKS EVERYBODY! Hehe! There are also birthday cards which I couldn't add because I'm so very terrible at taking pictures and I can't fit them in! hehe!


  1. hey i'm glad that you had a great time on your birthday besides your cold. but seems like you had a great time. i'm glad. hope everything is going well for you and that you are feeling much better! take care

  2. Hey Risa! Cheers! I am feeling much better than I did, still have a cough unfortunately - probably cause i talk too much! But in any case, hope you're doing alright! LOVE YA LOADS.