Saturday, 6 May 2006

While Keita was at football... the rest of us: One Day of "Golden Week" in Nikko

Mar and I on the Ginza line to Asakusa - where we got on the TobuNikko line to go to Nikko!

Water bus from Asakusa that goes to Odaiba! Went on it with a special someone not too long ago, but the weather was shittier then! Anyway, just a nice pic of the Sumidagawa River (me thinketh!)

Me and Mar on a bridge at Asakusa

Me with my "宇宙に行く人みたいなヘッドフォーンズ" - ママ ("headphones that make me look like I'm going to space!"-mummy!) and my very smiley dad!

A pic on the move in the tunnel which leads to the..........

Absolutely stunning Kegon waterfallllll! (華厳の滝)

It was soooooo beautiful. It's a pity I have no idea how to add videos onto a blog, or if that's even possible, because a photo just does not do this waterfall justice. Apparently, many years ago, a Tokyo University student committed suicide here and left a beautiful but sad poem (but that is a TOTALLY different story.... ) Anyway, the weather yesterday was gorgeous, and this was definitely a sight worth getting up in the morning for.

Daddy, Me and Mar in front of the waterfall Mummy, Mar and I in front of the waterfall

My Mama and Papa

The waterfall's stunning fresh water comes from this calm, serene, beautiful lake. This picture is taken from the more touristy side which unfortunately was the only part of the lake we had time to visit yesterday. It was so peaceful being surrounded by mountains, and having the fresh water right in front of me. Lovely.

Me with the lake in the background

Me and Mar with the lake behind us


  1. hey. wow! thanks for sharing with us all the beautiful photos. i didn't know there was that kinda peaceful and beautiful side in japan. i've actually never been there but i'd definitely like to go there at least once. wow marina looks more mature and she has some style! haha like you. i see that she's growing her hair now, looks nice. it was also nice to see everyone's happy faces. looks like you guys had fun. thanks again! hope everything is going well! take care and say hi to your family for me

  2. Hey Anna!! That place looks so nice! Japan Hour on Channel News Asia shows lotsa cool places in Japan and my Dad and I like to watch cause they go into all these tiny towns and scenic places :D

    I'm sorry your present is so late but Darrelle and I are going to post it together so it's a little delayed :S Sorry !!! Miss you lots!

    PS: looks like you had a good birthday :) Hope you aren't sick anymore!

  3. Hey NIC!
    How are you doing? You havent blogged in ages! OOH! I just remembered, that Ive been tagged by you, so will answer that now! hehe. Anyway, come to Japan with your dad one day and see all those scenic places in reality! (and come see me! I miss you!)

  4. blacktulipsjazz17 May 2006 at 23:04

    hey babe.. if you want to upload video.. try gg to or upload video then paste html code on ur post :P