Monday, 23 October 2006

First Experience 初体験

I am now going to share with you a 'first time' experience. This is a questionnaire sent to me by Monkey Maya Maya (my Elektra buddy, and probably destined older sister). It will be good Japanese practice for me, and I will also try to translate the Japanese text into English! There may be some additional comments in English too!

ではでは早速始めましょう!マヤからのバトンバト~ン♪ So without further delay, let's begin! The questionnaire from Maya!
■あなたの一番好きなものバトン■ Your Favourite Things
□ ※複数回答不可!No multiple answeres allowed!※ ↑ここ重要!!1問につき答えも1個ですョ!! This is important! For one question, there can only be one answer!
■動物は? Animal?  イルカ  Dolphin
■お菓子は?Snack?  Doritos Doritos (hehehe)
■料理は? Food? これすごい時間がかかったけど。。。ハイナン風チキンライス  This took loads of time but... Hainanese Chicken Rice
■缶ジュースは?Canned juice?  100%のグレープフルーツ 100% Fresh Grapefruit Juice
■インスタント食品? Fast Food? マクドナルドのポテト Mcdonald french fries (D! Remember how we would go eat it on Saturdays!)  
■寿司ネタは?Not quite sure about this one but favourite Sushi style?    そんなに寿司に詳しくない。。。 I dunno that much about sushi...
■パンは?Bread? クランペット Crumpets 
■ドンブリは?Donburi? (rice dishes... think Yoshinoya Singaporeans!)  親子丼 Chicken Donburi
■お酒は?Alcoholic drink?  Malibu enough said. 
■TV番組は? TV show? 今はHow I met your mother かな。。。でもちなみに見てるやつはDesperate Housewives, Prison Break, One Tree Hill, Lost, Las Vegas Right now, my favourite show is How I met your mother... But for the record right now I'm watching DH, PB, OTH, Lost and LV
■洋楽は? Music? たくさんありすぎるけど。。。今こってるのはBlack Eyed PeasのFergie! (ちなみにMariah Carey この間見たよ!ものすごく感動しました!小さい頃から大好きだったので!携帯ストラップまで購入!) I have loads of singers that I love.... But right now I'm super into Fergie from the BEPs (For the record, I watched Mariah Carey live the other day! It was soooooo impressive! Especially since I've liked her since I was really young! I even bought a telephone strap as a souvenir!)
■芸能人は?Celebrity?  やっぱり二コールキッドマンかなあ? Umm.... Maybe Nicole Kidman after all?
■歴史上の人物は?Historical person? Gandhi 
■作家は?Author?  Paulo Coelho. 日本人作家だと村上春木(英語でしか読んでないけど)Paulo Coelho... My favourite Japanese author though is Murakami Haruki (although I've only read his books in English and not in Japanese)
■言葉は?Word?  Love Love Love It's gotta be Love. Love. and more Love... hehe. I Love 'LOVE' - though its so overrated
■雑誌は? magazine? Glamour UK 日本雑誌だとモンキーマヤマヤと同じくGLITTER! Glamour UK... but if its a Japanese magazine, then it's the same as Monkey Maya Maya's fave, GLITTER!
■マンガは?Comics/Manga?  Archie's Digest (大昔の話。。。最近はマンガ読んでません) I used to LOVE Archie as a kid.... but these days I don't really read comics
■映画は?Movie?   やっぱりA Chorus Lineかな? Ultimately, it may be A Chorus Line?
■お店は? Shop? もちろんDiesel Tis gotta be Diesel
■洋服は?Clothes?  着心地がいいもの。。。デニムが多い。最近はちょっとフェミニンを目指してる。。。けど結果ゼロ。自分が持ってる洋服で一番好きなものはディーゼルのHedgy Lineデニム My fave clothes are comfy and feel good clothes... I wear denim most of the time. These days, I am trying to be slightly more feminine in the way I dress.... but the result is NADA! Out of the clothes that I own, my favourite piece of clothing would be my Diesel Hedgy Jeans
■靴は?Shoes?  Comfy. 自分が持ってる靴で一番好きなものはシンガポールで買ったDKNYのグリーンのフラットシューズ My fave shoes must must must be comfy. Out of the shoes I own, the one I like best are the flat green shoes that I got from DKNY (on sale!) in Singapore
■香水は?perfume?  エリザベスアーデンのグリーンティー Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea
■アウトドアスポーツは?Outdoor sport? テニス Tennis
■インドアスポーツは?Indoor sport?  バドミントン Badminton (actually I'm not sure on this one but anyhooooo that's what I wrote in Japanese so...)
■装飾品・貴金属品は?Jewelry?  ジョンからもらった指輪! the ring/s from J
■季節は? season? 夏  summer
■落ち着く場所は?Place where you feel relaxed and calm? Watashi no Heya...お店じゃなくって本当にあんなの部屋ね!Hehe My room... In Japan, there is a shop called 'watashi no heya' which translates as my room... so thats why i wrote watashi no heya! kinda like a sad attempt at a joke...........................
■旅行先は? favourite holiday destination? タイ Phuket, Thailand
■インターネットサイト?internet site? 絶対にPink is the new blog OFCOURSE, PINK IS THE NEW BLOG!
■ティッシュの銘柄は?Tissue brand?  ハハハ。。。Kleenexです。。。絶対に町で配ってるティッシュは手に取りません。 Hehe! I actually have one.. Kleenex. I never ever take tissues that they hand out from the street (unless they absolutely force it into my hand.... yes, in Japan they hand out tissue on the street with advertisement inside!)
■アナウンサーは?announcer?  CNNのSoledad?日本のアナウンサーとちょっと違う? I said, CNN's Soledad.... but I feel like Japanese 'announcers' are slightly different from English 'announcers' or 'reporters?!' I dunno!
■思い出深い曲は?Song with a lot of memories.  I can love you like that by All 4 One.. 理由はいえない! I can love you like that by All 4 One although I can' t say why! And actually, there are more songs that would make the cut but it's one answer, and this is the first thing that came to mind!
■色は? Colour? グリーン グリーン (これでショック受けた人はあんなの友達じゃないですね。。。Hehe) Green Green. Those who are surprised by this are strangers to me.... or have failed to keep in touch! hehe. I still love you tho.
■麺類は?  noodle type? モンキーマヤマヤと同じくおうどん! The same as Monkey Maya Maya, Udon.... Assuming this excludes pasta, and Chinese la mian. (is that how u write it? you know the stuff they have at Crystal Jade!)
■アーティストは?Artist? マーサロスラー Martha Rosler.... although I also love Degas, Miro and Lichtenstein amongst others.

○かならず6人名指しで指名してください The 6 people that needs to do the questionnaire next. or that I wanna tag? (is that blogspeak?)
光穂 (Is this kanji right?)
花(The erotic judge.....................)

Im also gonna tag
Arisa (youve been tagged above but just so u know that its u! RISA!)
i would tag D if she had a blog cause i love u to bits but since u dont..... and u dont update Mad Mamas!
Yang Pin
Trent! (of Pink is the New blog if he ever stumbles across my sad little blog! hahaha xxx)

P.S This took me bloody ages! and now I'm gonna be late for work so gotta dash! Next time, will update on seeing the lovely Mariah Carey live, and finding my (or 'our') new flat maybe? I love you loads me dahlings in Sing, England, States, Australia, and of course, Japan, (and anywhere else in the world!) you know who you are! take care!

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  1. Hello Anna !!!!
    Thank goodness for blogs or I'd never be able to keep in touch with you ! Haven't talked to you online in ages and am sorry about that but hope you're having fun and all in Japan ^_^ Am missing you lots and wish you were here with us all!!!