Wednesday, 10 August 2005

From Casa de D

So, I havent updated my post in a while, but thats because I am in SINGAPORE at D's house! For all those who don't know D, which basically equals all those who don't know ME, D is my best friend from Dance Arts, and I have known her since I was 3 or so! We got closer during our teen years but anyway, I am at her house, and it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice of her family to welcome me into their home! Just today, I had a delicious STEAMBOAT! and ended up chatting with D's mum for quite a while! its really nice cause we were talking about Japan, and as I have said to many, many times before, hearing other people talk positively about Japan really makes me see the good about Japan! ANYHOW, until yesterday, Mar, Rika and Mummy, and Kei (who is still here) was here and I had a BLAST with them too! Just laughing in the pool with Marzipan Bay made me SO happy. I love her to bits. So from the 4th to the 9th, i stayed with them and had loads of fun as well! but now I am back at D's, and her dogs hardly bark at me anymore, it's great, i feel very com-fur-tab-ble here! I feel so welcomed which is such a nice feeling. I love Danielle as well, which I had to add because she is standing right next to me! I admit, Singapore doesn't feel the same without my mummy, daddy, kei and mar, and it also doesn't feel the same without J, BUT with D, and in Dance Arts, I feel like nothing has changed. Anyway, today, we are probably going to go clubbing - i hope so - cause those who know me, know that i dont club much (at all?) in Japan! hehehe. So here I am in hot and sunny Singapore, eating all the ppeeerrrrfffeeeccccttt local food, having a good time.
LOADS of LOVE to YOU in Aurora all the way from Singapore.
Aya, Sachi, Chris, Yuka - I hope that you guys are having a good relaxing time doing whatever! But actually, Chris, I hope that you are still working hard. cant wait to see u all on the 20th?
Koko - Hope you are having a beautiful time in Crete. love ya X
D - Thanks for letting me stay!
George y Clare- if u ever read this, hope u had a lovely time in ITALY as well!
J - See you in 47 days! (- but whose counting anyway?)

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