Monday, 22 August 2005

Singapore 02.08.2005 - 18.08.05. My 16 days in Photos. Let me take you on my journey, Part 7: D's Friends

Darling D, Marvellous Mel, Me and Awesome Arisa
Elan, D and Mel Danny, Clement, Me, Elan, Reuben, and James, in other words, D's Guys and Me, heheUs being all Japanese-y. Well, in my case, as Japanese as can be. Anyone else think james looks a bit dodgy? oh and the guy in the background looks stoned. (not u Elan)Bringing out the Japanese in everyone

It was SO great just being a part of D's life during the time I was there. Nothing out of the way, just doing "normal things", hanging out. Meeting her friends was awesome! and I hope I can see u all one day again. It was probably a good thing that my voice was lacking, for this is one hell of a crazy, noisy bunch anyway! The crazier the better, the louder the funner! (i know funner ain't a word D so don't put that up as a pet peeve!)

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