Monday, 22 August 2005

Singapore 02.08.2005 - 18.08.05. My 16 days in Photos. Let me take you on my journey, Part 9: Dedicated to my D

D! deserves an exclamation mark at the end of her "pseudonym" because she is the greatest and my bestie! If you want to ever test your friendship with someone, test it by living with them, really living with them for a week! Living the "normal" life with them! D and I pass the test with flying colours I think! We love each other unconditionally, don't we Love! FETCH! hehehe. (holding flash card which says "I love D!" on it!, Now: Cool ar?!) Anyway, I know I can count on you anytime, and I know u feel the same way which is what's awesome. Okay lah! I am not gonna get all emo. Just enjoy the pics D!

Yangpin (and his cheeky grin) in the background, D, and Me. OMG D ur specs don't go with ur shirt! hehe
With the Long Sleeve
Without the Long Sleeve - Our head is always stuck together! Why ah?
D, ever- the- serious (very good) driver! I take my hat off to ya D, But hey, what's this nick of urs saying u hit another car?
A pic of us in the car. I love u SO much D!

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