Monday, 1 August 2005

Happiness and Sadness

My past week has honestly been a mix of emotions. Relief because the semester was over. Anger because I felt cheated by two of my exams. Loneliness because I can't talk get through to _______ whenever I want to talk to him. Happiness because tomorrow I will be going to Singapore. Sadness because saying bye to a friend is incredibly difficult no matter how many times, over and over, I have done it so far. Today, this intensity of various emotions was multiplied by the fact that it was TODAY when a final bye, or rather, see you soon had to be said, and it is TOMORROW when I will be seeing those friends who I said the same words to last year... The person that I said bye to today made the past year incredibly beautiful. And I was lucky because she lived SO close, and I could see her everyday, and spend time with her on weekends easily if we wished. In a big city like Tokyo, close physical proximity becomes an amazing GIFT. I love her to pieces, and I am already looking forward to seeing her in 6 months time (I PROMISE!) Yesterday (30th) our entire gang - Aya, Ayako, Chris, Sachi, and Yuka and I went for a BURGER/SANDWICH. My burger was BEAUTIFUL! hehe. I will be posting pics once I return from Sing. Today, it was Ayako, Mar and I, and then just Ayako and I. Saying bye to you at the station was immensely difficult. The train home was a pretty lonely one. But despite that, I am OPTIMISTIC cause I know u are doing the right thing, and I can't wait to see u next year! also, I now have a legitimate reason to go to ITALY! hehehehehehe. Love ya tonnes.
Tomorrow, I will be seeing, for sure, D and Nic. AND that makes me incredibly happy. So being optimistic definitely helps. See u in 17 hours!!!!!!!!!
Okay, so I am off to my HOMELAND. I hope it don't disappoint me. I know the people won't. But I know that not having my family plus one more person there will make all the difference.
Will perhaps blog from D'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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