Friday, 16 April 2010

We could've snowboarded a few mores times this season...

It might snow tomorrow?!!! What is going on? It is the middle of April... Where is spring? The cherry blossoms have already fallen. Ironically, this is global warming. It is freezing.

John and I went snowboarding, end of March, and I recently dropped off our clothes at the cleaners. But we could've gone a couple more times with this cold, cold weather.

So much snow. It even started snowing quite heavily after a while! Above the clouds.
John is looking incredibly cool... the way he is holding the snowboard and all. Haha.

I wonder if I can put up some videos! I am such a lousy snowboarder... Although I have been trying very hard this season! I truly hope to get better next season. I can't wait! Until then, I am going to watch loads of snowboarding movies!

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