Friday, 30 April 2010

Some pics from Yakiniku - Buchi

April 19th, Yakiniku Horumon Buchi in Shibuya :)

I had the best time with the best people on Birthday Eve. Yes, I wish some of u from across the world could have been there too, but there's always next year!

Thanks to all those for making it SO memorable!

Me and Iku with Kai in the background!Me and Iku with Masa on the right
Iku, Masa, Me, Daisuke and Chris
Yuka and Sachi
Tom, Yuki, Issey, Kai and John
I unfortunately was having SO much fun that I didnt end up taking so many pictures. I was posing a lot though with 3 more groups of friends! I have to get the pictures off Honey, Geb and Banri :)

Here are some pics of me opening pressies!

I am wearing the yellow slippers from Elena and Jap. I LOVE EM! Green and yellow are my favourite colours so I was super pleased (as u can see from my expression!)

I was making such a mess, but I was SO happy.... I spent about 3 hours quietly opening all of them by myself... John says it was his most peaceful 3 hours this year :)

I love this picture!
haha I look so intrigued..... and I was!

And finally..... just to showcase how lucky I am (hehe, please don't hate me). What girl doesn't like coming home to flowers? I am obsessed with plants and flowers at the moment... But unfortunately these are having a difficult time surviving the cold spring this year. I am determined to revitalize them though!

I am the happiest, and luckiest girl in the world. And I'm not going to take it for granted :)


  1. hey! i really love those birthday sunglasses on you! you look good in them =)
    how have you been? hope work is treating you well.

  2. Hey Risa! Thanks! Loved the sunnies my friend got me, they actually had really uv protect in the lens!
    Wished u couldve been there! How was Osaka with Naoya!
    Will you be coming to Japan before going to England?
    Hope all is well for you over there as well!

    Love ya Hun

  3. hey Na!
    thanks for replying to my comment. really? those have UV protect in the lens? that's pretty cool!
    yea, i know i wished i could have been there too to celebrate your birthday. sorry i wasn't in tokyo for that. osaka with naoya was good thanks.

    yea, i'm thinking of coming to Japan again before going off to england. i will let you know once i know the dates.

    i hope you and your family are doing well.

    p.s tell marz that i like her fringe too!

    take care =)