Tuesday, 26 July 2005

After yet another semester...

SIIIIGHHHHHHHH. It was another long semester, and it is finally over (as of Monday!) And I am gladder than glad. happier than happy. smilier than smiley. Sometimes, I get really excited about the fact that I will be in SINGAPORE next TUESDAY! By this time, I will be there! You see! I am getting excited again! But then when I am feelin "bleh", I realise that I am actually quite tired from this semester! And tired of worrying about my "real" future after graduating, hopefully next year! Also, I am missing Schis LOADS. So if u are readin this know that I am thinking of YOU and can't wait till you come to Japan! We shall go to Disneyland and Disneysea, and hopefully parks, traditional places, as well as my fave restaurants, vale? Another thing on my mind is Sachi going on a foreign exchange programme, and Ayako leaving. Will be missing them loads and loads. Aya, Yuka, Chris, looks like it's going to be the fantastic and original four from next sem ne! GANBAROU!

OKAY, so update. I saw Joey in JAPAN on friday which was pretty awesome! Although yes, quite tiring cause we travelled quite a fair bit. I made her walk in heels for a while! OOPS! but aiyo good exercise for us both lah! And i have been wondering, I hope u were okay during the earthquake!!!! I hope u didn't feel a thing... because I think if u went to Mt. Fuji, you would have been going AWAY from it? no? Well anyway, hope Joey, that you are okay!

Since then, I haven't done anything. I think my last exam went well, which is a good feeling to have considering I was pretty down about my other two exams. Oh well, it's in the past now. So there is nothing I can do, as Chris has emphasized to me over and over!

ANYWAY. These were random completely haphazard thoughts from moi at 10:29pm. IN ONE WEEK, I WILL BE WITH D for sure! And I will be in Singapore. I hope it's still the great place I remember it to be, and with the same old same old everything.

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  1. It was really cool meeting you up...And thank god i wasnt caught in the earthquake as i was on my way to Mt Fuji...good to be back and I will be seeing you real soon...