Wednesday, 27 July 2005


So today, I went to dance class after 3 weeks of not going. And I couldn't nail a single double pirouette on my Left leg (balancing on left).. Annoyingly, my right was perfect (where perfect = good according to my expectations right now). On my left, I completely crumbled. It was really really annoying... I mean, the first set I can forgive myself. But in the second I got mad at myself... And by the time we did another turn combination on the Left, I felt my eyes sting.... The annoying thing is that I can balance on this leg atleast for a time of 4 consecutive turns, but I couldn't get the double. And what's more is that when I tried to do a single I would always fall back (so when i practiced on my own, i tried to correct my posture, so that it wasn't leaning back - but that didn't help either) In a way, I know my spotting is getting worse and worse... My eyes just cant handle it anymore - I may be getting contacts just for dance.... I know I sound like I am blaming my eyes, but it seems like a logical explaination... because my teacher goes around correcting ppl on technique but for the turn, he didn't.... So anyway. At the end we did the combination which was an absolutely awesome, jazz, house, hip hop combined dance, with house music. But it was everyone's second week, and I found it so hard to keep up. Esp. since in the 1st week for every combination, my teacher teaches at least 6.8's. And EVERYONE can do it. So anyway, I have been practicing and practicing at home, but still not getting it right.
I will be going to Singapore from the 2nd, SO I will be missing dance for about 3 weeks again... I really hope that jazz with Derrick, and hopefully with Laura too, and also tap with Susan, and just dancing in the environment of Dance Arts is going to boost my confidence - because believe it or not, I still want to be a freakin' dancer.


  1. blacktulipsjazz28 July 2005 at 19:47

    hey! give us a tinkle when u r back..we can go for laura & derrick's class together n some catch up :P