Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Update on Me Life from Ayako's. The smell of pasta is SOOOOOOOOO good! Hehe

Changes are scary. They are terrifying. (I have realised recently that I am frightened of many things! - but thats okay)
Changes, big or small are intimidating. But one thing you should bear in mind is that CHANGE is ALWAYS CONSTANT. It always happens. And you can be sure of that.

So in my life, the next big change that will affect me on a grand scale, is a departure of a friend from Japan. Two years ago we were both two lost, and lonely people in a foreign land - seemingly more foreign because 'technically' speaking, we were supposed to belong here... But in the past year, the place has become more bearable and even more beautiful because we shared stories, of past and present and even of future, we exchanged meaningful words, smiles, and laughter, and even tears. We beared witness to not only each other's disappointments, and discouragement both in work, Love, and in my case, two failed dance auditions. But we also experienced our times of happiness, encouragement and Laughter.
Now, we are still lost in this evermore foreign land, which I have nevertheless grown to love a little more, but we are less alone! Less alone because we have formed a friendship that will live through time and space. We will still be close friends into the future despite the distance. Like my friendships of Singapore, we will be okay! And I am grateful.

SO CHANGE... Change is Big. And it is SCARY, no matter how large or small. no matter if its whether you are young or old. It is always scary and it is always going to be there. And fear of change should not be suppressed. It should be experienced! Because despite the fact that change usually disrupts your routine, and freaks the hell out of you, it means you are ALIVE. You and me, we are lucky! Lets try not to take that for granted okay? The Italian movie, 'Ricordati di Me' really goes to show what a big difference CHANGE makes to your life. It vibrates LIFE through your veins. Makes you realise you are not just an anatomical body with blood pumping and with an expiration date, but that you have a head with a brain that allows THOUGHT, a mouth and a voice to SPEAK what you are thinking, and more than that you have a heart that FEELS.
So let's try to advocate the positivities of Change, to help me deal with the next big change in my life (the egocentric reason!). And while we are on this subject, let's advocate Living Life.

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  1. well u can't escape we might as well learn to deal with it, embrace it and be excited about it!! of course we always welcome changes for the better, but 'negative' changes make us stronger and tougher and wiser right? life without change isn't as great as people may think it to be because as humans we will come to take things for granted and get too comfortable and not appreciate life! ok i've used up my sensible thoughts for the day so back to ditzy darrelle...I LOVE YOU AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR U TO COMEEEEE!!! WAHHHHHHHHAHAHAHA