Friday, 1 July 2005

Before I Reboot

Ahhhhh. My comp. has been really screwing up recently, so I am typing this from my school comp. once again just before I start class cause I had quite a bit of time! Tonight, I shall be rebooting my comp. and saying BYE to all my music files, my videos, my programs so I am a little sad! (cause let's face it, I Adore BOB - comp's name, and i love One tree hill, and all the music i have and I am always talking online) :)
Anyhoo.... the last 3 days or so, when Chelsea came was absolutely amazing! We saw so much of Tokyo and had such a good time going down memory lane, esp. when Aya joined us for dinner! (cause she has all the gossip!) so that was absolutely awesome! Hopefully when my comp. is in good shape again, (and it will be soon!) I will post pics that we took at the HUGE Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine (where there was a lone person praying, very poetic), etc. It was so much fun! and i saw so much more of Tokyo than I usually do! So thanks Chels!
Today, the great summer sale starts so me and me friends are going to go check it out after lit class! Will let u know how that goes asap. hopefully rebooting my comp. will fix all problems that i am having. Well anyway, I am off to Japanese Art class (which is a little bit of a 'yawny' class) but anyhow! Have a great weekened ya'll. hehe.

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  1. hey, i'm glad that you had an awesome time with chelsea. and have fun buying a ton of stuff at the sale!! that's what i'll be doing cause i am desperately in need of new clothes!!