Thursday, 30 June 2005


The past 3 days have been absolutely amazing. Really surreal but so much fun. Chelsea arrived on Monday, just basically for a short stopover, and we managed to see each other everyday for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Unfortunately she left this morning, but I had a blast the last 3 days - probably one of the best days in Japan! On Tuesday, we also met up with Aya which was definitely like going back on a time machine to days in Dover Court even! It was loads of fun with all the gossip she had for us. hehehe. From Chelsea, I also heard that one person thought I had changed! but the person she mentioned, i haven't even talked to for ages! he just says i have changed from peeking at my photos. u know who u are, hehe, and i think u should write to me. so write to me, and tell me how. from today, it is back to my normal life. i know, it sounds funny, but i really felt as though it was a different experience altogether u know?

Anyway, here are some great photos (well great not quality wise) but yeah, great memory photos! if u get what i mean....

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