Sunday, 12 June 2005

Dreams by Gavin deGraw and Long Distance Relationships!

Okay, so the lyrics that I wrote below actually are lyrics by my favourite singer right now ( yes it is singular, sorry to people who received false facts from me!) Gavin deGraw. I love it, and it really gets to me, quite simply because it reflects my situation today! I am a lovesick person, but only because I am SO happy except for the fact that I cant physically be with the person that I want to be with. Long distance relationships (let's call them LDR's) are a pain in the ass, but you know, they are really really worth it with someone, the 'right' one. Sometimes it gets terribly painful and lonely, but knowing that this might get you next to that person one day soon is so worth it (right Schiz? :-)) So if anyone stumbles onto my blog, and is wondering about LDR's (to my dearest friend Koko, this does also include you) know that it's worth it, and don't give up so easily okay? If you need anything, I am always here! Love, XOXO

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  1. hellloooooo!! you've finally gotten a proper blog! better not abandon it like before ok! i miss u like mad man...better come back soon!! i can't wait for you to be back!! love u lots!
    ps. ur one of my favourite people in the world too :)