Thursday, 23 June 2005

Being Selective, Turning down an Audition, AND being Bored at School!

Wow, it seems like forever since I posted my last blog simply because with the exception of the past 2 days, I had been blogging every single day! hehehe. Anyhooo. A lot has happened actually, though nothing has changed!

On Tuesday, I turned down what could have been a third audition in Japan. But I am pretty sure that after thinking about it since then that I made the right choice. You see, when I first got asked to send my documents (back in MAY!), it sounded like it was going to be quite a fun, yet DANCE BASED job, although it had to do with cheerleading for a baseball team in the TOKYO DOME (wow!) After a month I got my reply from the people telling me that after document screening I had been accepted to be given the chance to audition this friday.... However, it started getting a bit weird. Firstly, it sounded like the cheer team and dance team had been combined. And secondly, the audition was quite late at night, at HARAJUKU (which is famous for being kinda a strange place!)and thirdly I was told that I could ask anyone who was interested in theatre and dance to come to the audition. Oh! And lastly, there didn't seem to be a dance audition, just a self introduction speech which was to be made on the camera so that they could send it to Osaka, where the company that was hiring was based. Moreover, I asked my friend how much we would be getting paid and she had ABSOLUTELY no idea, which is a little strange cause normally u get a rough estimate of the pay u know? Anyhow, I did consider it back on Tuesday because in a way I thought it would be a good experience and it was a JOB. (which i haven't got). BUT, on the other hand, it was a debate over time or money. If I had done the show, it may be possible that I would've worked WAY OVERTIME... SO i turned it down.... But I guess the reason why I turned it down was a little more personal than that.... I think after 17 or so years of dancing, I just wanted to believe that I was a better dancer than that.... Just jumping up and down and cheering. Obviously, I couldve just had this detached viewpoint, and just considered it as a job... But unfortunately I don't think that I couldve done that because all the people that I wouldve been 'dancing' with considers this pretty much their career. I don't mind the others considering this a career at all, it's just not the path that I wanted to take.
Finally, I think that I probably did the right thing, considering the fact that my dad says he believes that if I wait, I might get a better chance! It was nice to know once again that my dad is still supporting my desire to dance, and to become a dancer - whatever that actually means now!

Anyhow, so here I am, typing this entry at school. I know that there are some people I consulted with, and I thank you for listening to me rambling on and on about this! But here is the WHOLE reason why I turned it down. Maybe I shouldve done it, maybe not. But a real important friend told me (and so did my parents for that matter!) that as much as they know how much I want to dance, it is important to be able make selections and turn some opportunities down... if deep down, u actually believe that these opportunities are something other.


Went to lunch with my friends to a place called Ciao ChiangMai, which sells THAI FOOD obviously! It's kinda like that place in Sing in Takashimaya, that I liked. Shit! I cant remember what it's called now! AHHHH! Anyway, after that I went to dance, which was SO good. The teacher calls me "Anna" which is so nice cause he doesn't call me mori san or anna san or anything like that. i like the yobisute. hehehe. After that, way after that, at midnight! I got a call from Colorado! WOOHOO! that made my day absolutely perfect! It basically was a stamp on an already perfect day, if u know what i mean?! hehehe. So it's all good in my world, and I hope that it is all good in yours too. Have a good day, or good night and oyasumi!

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  1. hey i'm glad you were able to make a choice. sometimes in life you have to make difficult choices but i agree with what your dad said, there's always a better chance. remember the quote "good thing comes to those who wait" hehe