Thursday, 16 June 2005


So I finally finished my architecture presentation, and am in school right now wondering whether to take a nap (for lack of sleep last night due to stoopid fat mosquito) or to work and do a reading on art and photography! But anyway, put that aside, i have more important things to do, like let all my goodie friends in Singapore and elsewhere know that I actually haven't given up dance yet! (especially after yesterday's class!)

Yesterday I went to Broadway Dance Centre, which is the school i go to, and i got to chat with my classmate AND my teacher! (he talked to me in English!!!, YAY!) It was just so awesome cause I just couldnt keep up first, but as i got used to the steps, i got into it and finalmente i could do it! You know that for the past few weeks, i really was beginning to think that i had little chance and hope of pursuing my dreams but maybe, just maybe, i was mistaken (fingers crossed), as I realised that I still Love it. No matter how good dance was though, trust me when i say that i would rather be dancing with u guys (u know who u are) anyday! I still havent tapped in ages as well which is a BIG problem, D when I come stay with u in ur house or in the condo we have to tap in our free time and make up some funky choreo okay?!

Anyway, to get into an artsy mood, i think that i am going to post some images and art works which i am really liking right now!

Finally, i will also add some awesome Mariah Carey lyrics only for ur pleasure!

Who else am i gonna lean on when times get rough?
Who's gonna talk to me on the phone till the sun comes up?
Who's gonna take your place, there ain't nobody better
We belong together


  1. hey Na! yea i heard the song by mariah carey "we belong together" i downloaded it. it's a really nice song. i listen to it all the time now! hehe
    well hope everything is going well for you. take care
    miss you loads

  2. wah! u managed to put a picture of pooh on ur blog! good job man..ur blog is so u with all the green..haha..

    you can lean on me when times get rough
    i will talk to u on the phone till the sun comes up

    okok i know u probably meant that for john la..but u know i'm here for u too oki?? muaks!