Friday, 17 June 2005

Mosquito and Friendship! (Warning: Corny Blog)

So I have this Huge Mosquito in my room that has bitten all three ladies of the family and is right now being smug somewhere in my bloody room! I cant go to bed unless I catch it so right now, I am going to write yet another entry, cause I am really hot on blogging right now! (insert smiley face here)

It was really coincidental cause earlier on today, D wrote an entry about friendship, and I was thinking of doing the same tonight! (pst! Great minds think alike!) hehehe. And also, because for the past two days or so I have talked to several people of my past and that has made me surprisingly happy. UWC is a world I left behind basically when I graduated, and except for the few incredibly special people who kind of bridge UWC past with present, I don't really have much to do it with it anymore, despite the fact that I am happy I went there and sometimes think about it!

Dance Arts has been and will obviously forever be like my second home. My closest long-time friends are from there as most people will know! I met people like D, Nic, Li, Dai there who through time and distance have proved to be the best of friends. They are amazing people and all so individualistic, and I love how everything is changing but nothing is changing at the same time.
In D.A, I have also come across the best teachers both in dance and in life, as corny as that may sound! (Auntie) Gill, Auntie Beth, Susan, Doris, Cindy, Derrick, who have all, sometime in my years there taught me something significant. All in all, i love this home of mine, and I hope it still feels like home when I go there again this summer. I can't wait.

I met loads and loads and loads of people here who have left prominent footprints in my life, but in actuality there are only very few who I have kept in touch with and vice versa. BUT THESE FEW PEOPLE I know are going to be around forever... 'and when i say forever, forever's what i mean' and they are so incredibly special and utterly irreplacable. I feel super lucky.

Sophia U
Okay, so now I finally come to my friends of NOW who I actually wanted to dedicate my blogpost of tonight and today (i posted pics of them earlier) to. I remember, my first two friends that I met were Aya and Yuka. When i was sick at orientation camp, and missing out on all the socialising and in the room at 7 at night, they came up to me and checked to see if i was alright! That was it! It was Love! hehehe. And then I met Chris and ever since taking Chinese Civ and Econs AND Japanese together it has been a continuously blossoming friendship! And Sachi I actually met through Aya and Yuka i think, and I feel like I get to know her better and better everytime I see her, and that's an awesome feeling. It's unfortunate that she will be going on an exchange programme for a year, but i know our friendship is one that will last as well! And Ayako, it all began with me liking her clothes. hehe. Something trivial can lead to a really important friendship, so silly things like that should never be taken for granted! They mean loads and loads to me, because in a land where I still feel like an outsider and incredibly lost sometimes, they bring great comfort to me, and they make my everyday interesting.

So yes, I should make my blog come to an end because this is WAY too long... Thanks to all those I have met, and all those who have stuck around, and all those who I know are going to be around forever and ever.

But more specifically for today/tonight's entry, thanks to Aya, Ayako, Chris, Sachi, and Yuka, who I haven't thanked enough for making my days at school and in Japan full of smiles and Laughter!

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  1. hey, you are getting a hang of this blog thing! it kinda gets addicting haha but who cares right?! =)