Sunday, 26 June 2005

Taking a Break

Right now, I am in the midst of studying, but I needed to take a break so here I am writing a post! I haven't for like 3 days? that's quite a record for me! hehe. Anyhoo, the pics below are made by my sister! So sweet, she thinks we are the best sisters. Sekaijuu, (what it says in characters means 'in the world' - which I am sure character readers can detect!) Anyhooo. yesterday was an awesome day. Walked form Shibuya - Harajuku - Roppongi Hills - Harajuku - attempted to walk to Yoyogi - Shibuya! A very good exercising day.
Later on today, I should be booking my flights to SING! Finalmente! I haven't been back for 11 months? but it's strange, I actually feel like it wasn't that long ago. I think it's because I still feel close to the people there! and I still love em like CRAZY!
I got a call from Colorado today! while I was washing my face! That made my Sunday! It's perfect. I love him. He is coming in Sept! How exciting! But there is still a lot to do and a lot of time before then... But knowing that getting to see him at the end of all that is worth everything.
Tomorrow, CHELSEA is coming from Melbourne! I am going to be her tourguide. I hope I don't get lost! hehehe. She is here till Wed, which is great! A lot to catch up on huh. I haven't seen her in AGGGGGEEEESSSSSS.
Anyhoo. Last but not least, I would like u to meet my creative, it's name is Greenbo (green bob). It's got awesome sound quality! But now I have to save money so I can eat all the chicken rice, nasi lemak, laksa, bah ku teh (i cant remember if thats how u spell it), in the world. Ah. Bliss.

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  1. wow the pics look really cool. now you don't even have to go to プリクラ cause you can just do it when you are home! how 便利 is that? haha